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Be Your Best - Food Intolerance Testing - Nutritional Advice

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Food Intolerance Tests (IgG Antibody) and Nutritional Advice

Do you think the foods you are eating are making you ill?

Many symptoms are linked to a food intolerance and they include:

Abdominal pain - Aches and pains - Acne - Bloating - Constipation - Chronic Fatigue - Diarrhoea - Eczema - IBS - Itching - Fluid retention - Headaches - Hyperactivity - Migraine - Nausea - Rashes - Rhinitis - Sinusitis - Stomach Cramps - Tension - Tiredness - Urticaria - Weight loss - Weight gain

Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests analyse your blood sample for food specific IgG antibody reactions.

You will discover the foods you are reacting to, which should then be eliminated from your diet.

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